Welcome to Heteroptera Patagonia, Argentina Source

Heteroptera, known by the common name of true bugs, form a well diagnosed natural group of insects. Most true bugs are phytophagous, pest of crops, as vectors of a major disease (Chagas disease), and as biological control agents of great or often untested importance. Argentina  encompasses over 3791.810 square kilometers (continental part). Two big biogeographical regions intercross and this has helped to large enrich the diversity of arthropods. In Argentina we find “austral” elements with affinities with  the south of Chile, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and New Guinea, as ¨tropical” elements, with  biotic affinities with the rest  of  South America, Central America and the tropics of the Old World. Regional catalogues of Heteroptera from the Neotropical Region have been done only for Ecuador, Galapagos  and Panama. This is an attempt to bring together the entire literature relating to the Heteroptera of Argentina.

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